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Ladies, get a pen and take notes! Sifting through the lames is no fun, but this list should help you figure things out. If he’s participating in the activities listed below, find another potential suitor.

  1. If communication is nonexistent or at the bare minimum, direct your attention somewhere else. The phone works both ways. If he is leaving you on ‘read’ and doesn’t text you back then he’s most likely in someone else’s imessages. If you’re ALWAYS calling or texting first, he doesn’t deem you a priority.
  1. [bad date]. Retrieved April 23, 2016. From: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/hadley-finch/dating-chemistry-test-10-signs-you-are-rude-date
    [bad date]. Retrieved April 23, 2016. From: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/hadley-finch/dating-chemistry-test-10-signs-you-are-rude-date
    If the communication is lacking, he obviously isn’t making plans to spend time with you. See that connection? If he’s not making solid plans and following through with them, he’s not interested. We’re not talking five star restaurant kind of plans, we’re talking about going to a movie, going for a walk, or even setting up a FaceTime date if distance is an issue. It’s the effort that matters.
  1. If the topics of conversation are limited to superficial subjects, don’t waste your time. For example: the weather, gossip, or the new J’s. When you’re getting to know someone topics of conversation should be more along the lines of goals and aspirations, family, your interests and experiences. The kind of topics that have follow up questions and though out responses.
  1. If your hotline only blings for one of two things, that’s a huge red flag. When you all do speak it’s during peak booty call hours, girl, run! Secondly, if he calls you only when he needs your help, you don’t serve any other purpose to him. Don’t let the smooth baritone voice get to you! Direct him to the yellow pages to find a therapist to help him with his problems.
  1. If his friends don’t know about you, he’s more than likely into someone else. Contrary to popular belief, men tend to gossip more than women. They’re like little boys when they get a new toy– they like to brag and show it off. Unfortunately, they sometimes apply that same mentality when it comes to the woman that they’re dealing with.
  1. Direct Messaging on social media is the easiest (and therefore, the laziest) way to show interest in someone. If he got your attention through your DM’s, there’s a good chance you’re not the only one he reaches out to that way!

Written By: Faith Stewart


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