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It felt like everybody decided to drop projects throughout the entirety of this year. 2016 has definitely been a productive year in music entertainment. As we count our blessings and reflect on what we should’ve done along with making new year resolutions, here are 6 of the Most Influential Albums of 2016:


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Beyonce Lemonade

It was definitely a good year for the Bey hive, as fans from across the globe got into “Formation” with the super star’s 6th studio album, Lemonade. You may remember her stellar performance at Super Bowl 50 and the controversial out pour behind the meaning of such a powerful visual for her hit single and the hour-long docu-film, Lemonade. It’ was different, gritty, bold, southern and robust. This Texas chick has a lot of heart and you can hear it in her music.

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Kanye West The Life of Pablo

One can admit, it has been a tough press year for Kanye as his personal life foreshadows his career, but he still managed to make an impact with his eighth album, The Life of Pablo. His creativity may be described as outlandish, yet it is so needed. “Famous” might have pushed the limits in certain celebrity eyes. If you listened to the project, amongst his hit “Fade” and “Ultralight Beam” definitely had the juice. This album featured Chance the Rapper, Kelly Price, The Dream, Rihanna and Kirk Franklin who are all heavy hitters.  Plus,  the entire production was a recipe for success.

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Drake Views

Drake definitely had his hands full with his fourth album. You can’t go into any store, any club or even the gas station and not hear the popular single “One Dance.” Gaining an international fan base with the hit “Controlla” like never before and teaming up with Jay and Yeezy on “Pop Style,” the Canadian rapper made all the right moves. Drake still lives on the Billboard and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves next year.

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Solange A Seat at the Table

Bey’s sister has always been in her own lane, let’s get this straight. 8 years later after Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams and the world is finally vulnerable enough to understand. Every song on the album takes you into a personal episode of Solange’s life, our life, if you truly follow. “Cranes In the Sky” will put you in tears or give you a hell of a good smoke session as you fold back into your thoughts. It’s like Motown in retrospect. None other than the N.O.’s own Master P graces the project by doing what he does best; narrating,  giving advice,  and keeping it a solid 100. Her hit single “Don’t Touch My Hair” was like the call to her big sister’s hit “Formation.” 2016 was definitely both of their year. Now trending alongside her sister on Billboard, we sure hope it is safe to say we can expect nothing but greatness in 2017.

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Chance the Rapper Coloring Book

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, where have you been? In other words, music listeners all over are in appreciation for your project. Three words:  Bars, positivity and hip-hop. His conglomerate of different soul elements created a one of a kind in modern times production. The Grammy nominated rapper is taking his stream-only album to another level, landing him in his own category. Kanye West co-signs on his ability to move the industry and it looks like a lot more celebrities do as well. With multi-millions in streaming, we can expect a great year to come for the Chicago-native.

J. Cole (Album Cover) Retrieved 12/29/2016 from http://dreamville.com/

Cole For Your Eyez Only

Cole is like the rap version of Solange when it came to putting people in their feelings this year (for good, bad or controversial). He dropped two  videos for the singles “Everybody dies” and “False Prophets” on his 40 minute documentary called “Eyez” that did not end up on the album.  Nonetheless, they built hype for the unexpected release. And Cole definitely channeled his inner Tupac on “Deja Vu.”

Although there may be some heavy music enthusiasts out there that might disagree, feel free to leave a comment on what you think.

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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