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It is no secret that rapper 50 Cent has an estranged relationship with his oldest son, Marquise Jackson. 50 has publicly taken jabs at both Marquise and his mother over child support disputes and whatever else. However, 50 seems to have an awesome relationship with his youngest son, Sire Jackson, whom is now four years old. Although there’s so much speculation, many fans still question why the bad blood lingers between Marquise and his father.

Marquise hasn’t been known to follow in his father’s footsteps as a rapper, but now he has emerged with a new single titled “Different,” and In it, he is not biting his tongue. In the song, Jackson makes it very clear how he feels about his father with lyrics aimed directly at Fif.

“Lost my pops, he still alive…” raps Jackson. Seemingly inspired by Dr.Dre’s 1999 hit, “What’s The Difference,” the beat of his song seems to resemble the old beats that 50 used to rhyme on early in his career and his flow is definitely far from mediocre. Other lyrics include:

“What a shame, what a shame/ Look what we became…What’s the difference between me and you? You talk a good one, but don’t do what you’re supposed to do.”

Ironically, the release of the single also marks the 14th anniversary of 50’s classic debut album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin.’’

Marquise is clearly hurt by the absence of his father in his life, but do you think that 50 will actually hear him out this time being that he spoke his language (hip-hop)? Fif was of course, famous for rap beefs back in his prime. We definitely hope that Marquise and his father will be able to reach common grounds, as every growing boy should have a fatherly figure.

Link to the song is below! Also, keep a look out for Marquise’s mixtape, “Marquise Escape”:

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Written By: Rahkiya Brown


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