retrieved via youtube @50cent on 6-25-16.
50 Cent & Chris Brown, Instagram's via @50cent & @chrisbrownofficial, retrieved 6-23-16
50 Cent & Chris Brown, Instagram’s via @50cent & @chrisbrownofficial, retrieved 6-23-16

50 and Chris Brown are back at it again with their second collaboration, “No Romeo No Juliet.” After the success of their first collaboration, “I’m The Man (Remix),” the two decided to do it again, rebuilding the momentum for 50’s Kanan Tape that dropped last year.

In the visuals for the single, 50 Cent and Chris Brown hit up the strip club with two exotic dancers that show off their skills in their barely there outfits, swinging from the poles and one even playing the violin while showing off her pole dancing skills.

Chris Brown also shows off his rapping skills in the song, reminding us that he is a triple threat in the industry, despite the daily drama that surrounds his life. Chris Brown keeps it pimpin’ in his verse, as he includes social media and how he handles his own ish.

“PIMP, who the shotta them
I’m the girl dem sugar, watch them follow him
Had the homies come through, 400, that be the block
Take yo sh*t, we going up on the Instagram
Higher than a ceiling fan, I’m whippin’ bricks in the kitchen
I’m flying sh*t out the window like I was Peter Pan
I handle my own sh*t, I own sh*t
I loan sh*t, middle finger to the middle man
Anybody that can get it when they want it
Finger f**k b***hes, she gon tell me when she cumin’
50 in this b***h and I ain’t asking him for nothin’
That’s my OG, if a ni**a trippin’, get to bustin’
Mo money mean mo problems
If your ni**a got the money, we gon’ rob him
Boy I’m simply, a P.I.M.P.
And I’m a let it go ’til the clip go empty”

50 Cent mentioned in an interview with MTV News that he’s been a longtime fan of Chris Brown. He told MTV News:

“Chris can rap and sing and dance. He’s the triple threat. He’s our generations Michael Jackson … pick any other male solo artist out there. He’s the guy. I tell him this personally.”

Take a look at the full video here:

 50 is currently working on the follow up to the Kanan Tape called Kanan Reloaded, which is set to be released later this year. In the meantime, you’ll get to see 50 back on the small screen again for Starz’ Power. The third season of the hit show premieres July 17.

Written By: Jnelle Belle


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