There are different ways to create memories with mom this year. It’s all about the experience! From creating looks to creating moments, give your mom a reason to feel appreciated.


”My Ride Or Die for Calvin Klein.” Twitter: @AlealiMay.Retrieved: “May 1, 2018” “”

Are you in need of an updated family photo? Plan a special surprise by coordinating outfits with your family, no matter the number of people. Denim and white is a classic look that will last for years and definitely screams “Calvin Klein” vibes like influencer and stylist, Aleali May and her grandmother (pictured above). An alternative is to make the woman of the day the focal point with a pop of color. This is a good tip if you have a large family. These photos will make for good prints and GREAT content for her Facebook page!


”Brunchnista.” Instagram: @Brunchnista. Retrieved: “May 1, 2018” “”

Make Mom feel extra special with a new look! Spoil her with a hair and makeup appointment and a new outfit that she can wear to Mothers’ Day brunch or dinner. Now that the weather is starting to act accordingly, we suggest opting for brunch!


Oprah Instagram

This is somewhat like Oprah’s favorites! Get creative and place mom’s favorite items that she repurchases: her holy grail nail polish, that go-to mascara, or even favorite bra (can’t get enough of those!) Also include new items that she’s been hinting at or needs replacing. She will surely be happy her thoughtful daughter knows what she likes!


Expectations have changed when it comes to Mothers’ Day. Some of us are in a higher tax bracket or some just want to spoil our mothers in return as they did for us. If you have it like that, go ahead and splurge on a luxury item that she will appreciate. Don’t know where to start? Try Louboutin heels, a Tiffany bracelet, a Pandora bracelet, a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag. Maybe a Gucci Loafer… the usual suspects. Remember to focus on items that your mom will enjoy (and maybe an item you can borrow once).


Let’s think of these last ideas as anticipated moments of bonding!

Maybe your mom is a little daring and spontaneous. If so, suggest getting matching tattoos! This is a little daring but sharing a tattoo can be a bonding experience and a representation for the love between you two. It might take a little convincing, but you never know! Your mom might jump at the opportunity.

Next, is a relaxing spa day. Add a nice touch by gifting a personalized robe with “MOM” or her initials.

“Kingston, Jamaica.” Instagram: @IvyCoco23. Retrieved: “May 1, 2018” “”

Lastly, a girls’ trip! Inspired by the box office hit, plan something with your mom. Try a staycation or a week-long trip to Africa! Your pick! Again, these precious moments will create memories with your mom and build a stronger bond.

Let us know what you have planned for Mother’s Day in 2018!

Written By: Jessica Roner, Owner of The J Spot Collective


  1. Wow this article is right on time! I have completely neglected thinking about Mothers Day this year! (Don’t judge me lol). Thank You!


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