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If you are interested in learning a foreign language while traveling abroad, but don’t have the time, energy or money to enroll in a language class? Worry not. There are tons of ways to learn a new language that don’t include sitting in a classroom for hours at a time. Read below to find out how you can increase language fluency quickly and efficiently!

  1. Speak the language whenever you have a chance to. Whether you are ordering food, asking for directions or simply engaging in short conversation, doing so in the native language will definitely increase fluency. It will test not only your speaking skills, but also your listening skills and competency.
  1. Limit how much time you spend with those who speak the same language as you. Naturally, you will be comfortable with speaking your native tongue with someone who you understand and who understands you, perfectly. You will, however, experience missed opportunities to interact with natives and practice your language skills.
  1. Stay with a host family, preferably one that doesn’t speak your language at all. In my personal experience, staying with a host family who spoke only Spanish was everything but easy, but extremely helpful.
  1. Find someone who’s interested in learning your language. By teaching each other your native language, each of you will be able to mutually benefit from the arrangement. It’ll be much more fun, informal and inexpensive than hiring a tutor.
  1. Watch local television shows. More likely you will have some free time, and for once, using it to watch TV will help more than it will hurt. Even if there aren’t any subtitles, listening and making note of any new words is a great way to learn the language.

Written by: Arianna Goolsby, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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