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You don’t want Bae to be away from you, even for a second. The internet brings people together through dating sites and social media, making relocating a lengthy process that is a pain in the butt. Also, husbands and wives may have to travel for work being away from each other for days, weeks or even months. Whether your spouse is across the globe in the military or in the next state for a few days on business, here are a few tips on keeping things spicy until you can get it together.

[Female silhouette]. Retrieved May 23, 2016. From http://www.cafepress.com/+naked-lady+calendars
[Female silhouette]. Retrieved May 23, 2016. From http://www.cafepress.com/+naked-lady+calendars
Pin-Up Girl

Remember back in the day when boys had crushes on calendar girls? Now, you can be his real-life crush! Create a calendar with smokin’ hot pics of yourself. Not feeling too sexy? Swap the over sexed with funny flicks of you to tickle him instead.

Readable Sex

Find a steamy sex position book in a bookstore. Make sure it’s a book with lots of drawings. Wrap it up for your honey and mail it to him. Include a handwritten note for him to find a few positions he would like to try when you two are together again.

Surprise Round

On a night when you know he’s out with friends, call the restaurant or bar and order the boys a round of drinks on you. He will be surprised, and a little freaked out, but that’s okay. You will still score major points.

Words with Friends

Strip Words with Friends, that is! That’s right, we said strip. Whoever scores 30 points or more on a word has to remove an article of clothing and send a sexy pic. If Words with Friends isn’t your game, adjust the rules to fit a game you can play in cyber space together and swap sexy pics.

Facetime Sex

Well, duh! You knew this would make the list. But spice it up, be his fantasy. Dress up, set candles and dim music in the background; or do it in the tub. Get out of the bed for a change of scenery. Scared? Just get over your fear and do it! It will make you more irresistible when you finally do see him.

So how do you keep things hot when you’re away from hubby? Comment below, and share this on your Facebook or Twitter to help your friends spice up their long-term relationships!

Written by: Carla DuPont Huger


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