This is the peak time for winter travel. From now until the New Year, flight rates sky rocket and you’re just trying to get home for mama’s sweet potatoe pie. No worries, we have a few tricks on how to score affordable flights.

  1. Use apps

Boy, you gotta love technology. Just as we set alarms for everything else, we can set ourselves up to be alerted of airline fare deals. If you’re serious about doing it yourself, pay attention to the alerts an act on them quickly, as the price may go up after the window of opportunity closes, which may be very small.

  1. Book in advance

For the super organized, booking and buying way in advance can save you bundles. Last minute tickets will always be the most expensive. The closer you get to your departure date, the more you risk paying.

  1. Search in privacy mode

When you do this, your IP address isn’t captured, therefore your previous searches won’t be recorded. Recorded searches can lead to an increase in airfare costs.

  1. Try a budget airline

Often times, using the airlines that are unique a specific country or area will keep money in your pocket. Especially when making treks across several countries, you can find deals with them that you wouldn’t necessarily find from a more mainstream airline.

  1. Find a travel agent

While you’re searching for deals, your friendly neighborhood agent has all the inside information. In fact, if you know enough, you can be your own agent. We heard this little secret, but being that it’s the season of giving, we’re just going to go ahead and share it. The only thing you need to know about getting cheaper fares is to be selective about the days you look for deals. That’s it, you ask? Yes, that’s it.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, hotel travel agents buy tickets. These are the days they buy, because the tickets are cheaper. Not many people know to purchase tickets on those days because the airline industry focuses on hindering others to give agents that gap of opportunity to book cheap tickets for clients. This will then boost their commission as they gain more revenue for their service, and ultimately help the airline the agent hosts by bringing in more customers.

How does the industry hinder people to give the agents that gap of opportunity? The airlines usually announce their deals on Monday nights. They have higher fares than any other day or night, which causes self-agents, or people who purchase their own tickets, to scramble around to every airline in search for the cheapest ticket, instead of just going to an agent and letting them handle the situation.

What’s the point of this? Basically, we can equate it to discount days at supermarkets. On certain days you may get, say a 5% discount. These will be the days that the stores are packed with customers. In the case of airlines, Tuesdays and Thursdays are when you get the discount and the stores are packed with agents.

The holiday season can overwhelm you, if you let it. Don’t allow your travel plans to stress you out. Plan in advance and look for deals using our tips and enjoy the holiday season.

Written By: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic
IG & Twitter: @iam_joii


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