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Date night is sexy, fun and for many it keeps the sparks flying but, can date night become routine and boring? Does the excitement and enthusiasm fade away after awhile especially when you know what to expect? And how can you spice up that blandness with your boo?

1.) Lose Boring and Go Bare

Does the evening always ends with you sporting a cute little thong to set the tone for some sensual love making? Well, instead of wearing undies, how about reconsidering and not wear any at all? Yes! Go the whole night without any undies and see how excited and anxious he is to get you into the bedroom. He may have a surprise for you of his own.

2.) The Real Kick Back

Men are known for doing “manly” things and sometimes the butterflies, rainbows and hearts can become overwhelming. Sure it’s okay to do romantic, sweet, cute and cuddly things but everything needs to have balance. So throw on your combat boots, and favorite leather jacket and do it up bad girl style at the gun range. Show him that he doesn’t have to be the only one with big guns aiming for the target.

3.) Let Him Choose

Take turns on selecting fun activities to do. It’s okay if he wants to enjoy a night of gangster movies with a couple of beers and buffalo wings at his fingertips. Sometimes just enjoying the moment of being in one another’s presence is enough. Remember, simplicity is the best thing it also saves you both a few extra dollars and maybe even more money he can put towards your next birthday gift!

4.) Revitalize Your Vision

You’re probably well aware of his goals and aspirations but maybe tapping back into those things that he aspires to accomplish wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Take some time out to pick up some old magazines from your local library or sift through some of your old ones, buy a poster board, grab a pair of scissors, some glue and let the both of your dreams and aspirations unfold onto the vision board. Later on reflect and elaborate on what you two have created.

5.) Winner Takes All!

Make a bet with your man. Whether you’re betting on a game or a simple friendly bet make the winnings priceless. The winner can have a day of being catered to, two weeks of planning date night or even a kinky dare session of “anything goes.” Either way the more intense the bet, the more harder the both of you will play to win.

Date night doesn’t have to be boring and routine. As long as you have the desire to stimulate and please your mate, then fun ideas, surprises and sexy activities for date night are limitless.

Written By: Tahanee
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