[Untitled image of single for the summer meme]. Retrieved July 8, 2016, from: http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/turn-up-i-m-single-for-the-summer.png

Perks of being single [Meme]. Retrieved July 8, 2016, from: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6a/da/84/6ada846b93a274c6961a4e9c7be9e663.jpg
Perks of being single [Meme]. Retrieved July 8, 2016, from: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6a/da/84/6ada846b93a274c6961a4e9c7be9e663.jpg
So, you’re single again…back on the prowl…and it’s summer time; that’s a perfect combination right?! Sure there’s going to be couples all around you holding hands on the beach and going on ice cream dates, but so what! Women are hopeless romantics at heart (we know this), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy being single, especially for the summer. Remember, summer is the opposite of  “cuffing season”, so there’s going to be newly single people everywhere. Don’t make yourself feel lonely. If you don’t think you can stand the heat of being alone this summer, think again. Keep reading to discover five reasons why you should enjoy your summer of single-ness.

  1. Meet New People – You’re single and ready to mingle, and if you’re not get ready. Everybody’s out and about during the summer, so dress up and go mingle with hot guys just because you can. You can go on as many casual dates as you please. You might meet your prince charming.
  2. No More Drama – No more lies, arguing, and having to worry about what your partner is doing while he’s out partying. You can enjoy the summer breeze without a care in the world, and most importantly without an aching heart.
  3. You Have More Time With Your Girls – When is the best time to have one of those nights where you and your squad dresses up and makes fun of your exes? There’s no greater time than the summertime. You can host girls’ nights, something you probably haven’t done since being in a relationship, and enjoy much needed girl talk with your girlfriends. You’ll have more time on your hands since you don’t have a man to worry about.
  4. You Get To Flaunt That Summer Body – It’s time to bring sexy back. We know relationships sometimes come with the dreaded “relationship weight”, but being single gives you time to get back to who you were before him. Get your workout on if you need to, and go show off your summer body! Remember, you don’t have a man telling you your shorts are too short or your skirt is too tight.
  5. Summer Flings – Summer time is the right time for a rebound lover. Remember that cute dude you curved in your dm’s because your were taken, or because you just didn’t feel like being bothered with a relationship? Now is the time to call him up, let him take you out, and enjoy a little summer fling. You control whether or not you want it to be serious, but seriously you should keep things as sexy and casual as possible.

Ladies, remember the summertime also known as break up season, isn’t the time for moping around. Get up, get out, and go show those losers (your exes) what they’ve lost. If you’re looking for revenge this summer like Drake, feeling good about yourself and enjoying your life is the best form of revenge!

Written By: Kahina Ray


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