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If you’re blessed enough, your first marriage will be your only one. That does not mean it will be easy. Marriage is just like any other relationship in your life; if you want it to be a good one, work has to be done. And just like there are certain things you can do to ensure that things go well in your relationship, there are just as many things that you should avoid doing at all cost. Here are five things that you and/or your spouse are doing wrong that could hurt your marriage.

  1. Complaining to others. You are not on a reality show. The world doesn’t need a front row seat to your issues even though sometimes you just have to get it out before having a mental breakdown. Get it out, just not to the whole world! Most people speak from past heartbreaks, unhappiness and loneliness, so when the road gets tough for you, they will not encourage you to fight for your marriage. Everybody does not need to know you are fighting with your spouse, nor should you be receptive to a million opinions on how to handle it.
  1. Not seeing the picture from bae’s perspective. You want your voice heard. You want bae to see the picture as you do. Bickering and nagging about I, me and my will only shut bae down. Hush your yapping for a minute to think about bae’s point of view. Find a happy medium where you both feel comfortable.

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  1. Being glued to your phone. It’s bad enough that technology rules your day; it doesn’t have to rule your night. Technology has become a go-to thing to pass the time. Moments spent scrolling through your Instagram feed are those not spent planning for the future, enjoying a movie, praying together, talking about the child(ren) or getting your freak on.
  1. Not experiencing life together. New restaurants pop up every day! New crazes and fads emerge to entertain the masses. Groupon is a great source for finding out what new attractions will be hitting your city and what new businesses to try. Be open to new experiences and spend time doing them together.
  1. Not laughing. A laugh a day keeps the drama away. Sure, being a spouse, parent, friend, sibling, child, relative, confidante and still managing to brush your teeth in the morning is hard work, but we are all in this rat race together, honey, so don’t take yourself so seriously.

Stop hurting your marriage. Put these tips in action to enrich the relationship you have and make it last forever! Share this post on Facebook or Instagram (when you’re not with bae) to help someone you know. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger


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