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We absolutely love us some Janet Jackson. From her smooth and sultry R&B music to her iconic hit visuals dance moves, we simply can’t get enough. But although the Grammy award singer is a major star in the spotlight, she still prefers to keep her love life extremely private. So private in fact; she got married secretly not once, not twice, but three times in her life to a few well known men in the entertainment industry. The pop icon recently welcomed her first son with husband billionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana.

But, we’re going to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at Janet’s very first relationship with R&B star singer James DeBarge and share some fun facts about the well-known secret couple:

1. The Two Were Both Lovers and Friends

Before the star couple said their “I do’s,” Janet and James first became friends when Janet was just thirteen years old. Though it was against her father Joe Jackson’s wishes for Janet to wed so young, the couple still proceeded to secretly get married in a private ceremony in 1984, when Janet was 18 years old. The couple later divorced in 1985 after being married for 14 months.

2. Both Hailed From Musical Family Dynasties

You can definitely call their relationship a “match made in music heaven” as they both were label mates to the major record label of Motown. Janet, the youngest of famous singing family The Jacksons, quickly followed in her famous older brothers’ footsteps to become the next superstar. James was a member of the R&B hit singing group DeBarge, with his brothers as well. Their relationship and marriage brought these two famous families together, temporarily uniting as one.

3. Secret Marriage = Secret Child?

One of the biggest rumors swirling around the web right now is that of Janet and James having a secret child together. As we mentioned earlier, Janet recently had a son with her husband; but during her marriage to singer James, reports allegedly state that Jackson could’ve possibly birthed a baby girl—but had to give the child up for adoption for fear that it would ‘taint’ her career.

4. Janet’s Annulment Was Her Decision—Not Her Family’s

Though it can be a lot of pressure to listen and take heed of your family’s advice when you’re the youngest in a group, Janet opened up in a 1987 interview about the true conflicts behind the dissolution of the marriage:

A lot of people thought I was selfish to annul the marriage because I couldn’t see him the way I wanted to, but some people can work for many hours and then come and act fine. I can’t do that. I feel that when two people are married- not that you have to totally give up your career- you have to spend time with one another, get to know each other, just share things with each other.”

5. James Is Still In Love With Janet

Though their marriage officially ended over 30 years ago, and Jackson has moved on with new relationships and now a family, James has made it known he’s never gotten over Janet. While incarcerated, DeBarge reportedly shared some information with Dr. Conrad Murray (ironically, the man allegedly responsible for brother Michael’s death) that he still very much cared for Janet and never gave up on loving her and still to this day, has trouble with other relationships because of it.

As we know, once again, Ms. Jackson is known for being low key when it comes to her private life, so consider this a free pass to have a closer look at Janet’s private life.

Written By: Tiffany Hercules


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