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Being married means you have a partner, a homie, an ace boon coon. There is at least one person out of 7 billion who has your back. Your partner is someone you can grow with and writing down your goals as a couple will put you and your spouse on a good foot. Here are five goal lists that every couple should make if they want a successful marriage. 

[Couple at computer]. Retrieved February 18, 2016. From http://pazoo.com/uncategorized/living-and-working-together-as-a-couple
[Couple at computer]. Retrieved February 18, 2016. From http://pazoo.com/uncategorized/living-and-working-together-as-a-couple
Let’s Get Healthy!

We’re sure that you want your spouse around for a long time so making a list of health goals is essential. Even if you are at your ideal weight, you still want to implement healthy practices. Illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure are preventable with proper health care, and there are several pages on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest that are dedicated to preparing healthy dishes (@healthyfitnessmeals, @healthyfoodadvice) and at-home exercises (@brittnebabe, @doviesworkout). Make one of your goals to get active with your spouse (and other family members) at least two nights a week.

Paging the Doctor!

What are health goals without actual visits to the doctor? Start this list by writing down the name of every person under your roof. Then jot down a list of routine doctors’ visits they need; for example, annual physicals (opt for a full blood work up), mammograms, pap-smears, prostate checks and dental cleanings that were not taken care of within the last year.

Vacay, Here We Come!

Travelling does wonders for the soul and making a list of all the different cultures and awesome sights you want to see will get you that much closer to traveling. You and your spouse should come up with both stateside and international destinations that you desire to visit. Start by choosing one location, do the research on what you will need to get there and start saving towards the trip. Sites like www.dealduchess.com are packed with money saving tips.

Debt Bootcamp

Debt seems to be a necessary evil to live the American dream; that does not mean you have to remain in mountains of it. Be open and honest with your spouse about your financial situation. Pull your credit report and lay out all of your monthly bills. Write a master list with the following: debt amount, interest rate, minimum due, date due, account number, website used to pay, login info and company name. Use excel to organize them from lowest amount due to highest amount, then build out a six to 12 month plan to begin paying off the smallest amounts of debt first. Plan to pay more than the minimum on each, even if it’s just an additional $5. Sacrifice a date night or monthly splurge on a new fit to get your debt down.

It’s Personal

These lists are all about your individual goals. Who wants to continue their education? Get a certification? Buy a new car? Start a business? Get the picture? Once each of you makes a list of individual goals, you will hold each other accountable using an action-oriented timeline to achieve those goals. Set reasonable deadlines: 30 days to refresh a resume, 60 days to research schools, 90 days to get a business plan and find a website builder.

Of course you can come up with a different set of lists specific to you and your spouse, but the bottom line is to declare common goals; this will ultimately strengthen your marriage. You are your spouse’s encouragement and inspiration. Working together to accomplish the goals on your lists will help you make tremendous strides in creating a more productive and fulfilling union.

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger


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