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Vacations are supposed to be an opportunity to relax, but sometimes they create more stress than serenity. It should be a fun time and not a stressful time. There are some lies we consistently tell ourselves when it is time to travel, read on to discover these lies and revealing truths.

  1. I Will Wear All 15 Outfits on A 5-Day Trip. The number one mistake we make is OVERPACKING! While it’s tempting to pack your closet for a trip, it makes it very difficult to haul your luggage around…and will have you paying enormous baggage fees for exceeding the weight limit.  A suggestion would be to pack luggage, as you normally would, then remove half of the clothes that you’ve packed.  Pack smart, understanding that less is more when traveling.
  1. I Only Need Magazines and Lip Gloss In My Carry On Bag.  A common mistake is not packing a change of clothes in your carry on.  Checked baggage gets lost more often than one would like to believe. To ensure that you are not walking around wearing your flight clothes the entire trip, make sure you pack a change of clothes in your carry on.
  1. I Won’t Get Blocked! The third mistake we make is not informing our bank and/or credit card company of our travel plans. This is especially true when traveling overseas.  Banks have fraud-prevention policies in place to protect their customers. The last thing you want to happen while on vacation is to swipe your card on foreign land, have your account flagged and frozen because the bank was not aware that you were traveling. They will assume you are a victim of fraud and your card will be blocked.
  1. I Only Need 15 Minutes To Make My Connecting Flight. Not booking enough time in between flights is another common mistake.  Picture a frazzled, yet fashionable woman sprinting through the airport to make her connecting flight.  Honey, that is not cute. Plus, what’s the point of dressing airport fashionable if people only see a fancy blur run past them??  Plan wisely.
  1. I Will Only Call Home Twice. Lastly, if you do not find out your cell phone provider’s plan coverage before you leave you may regret it once you get your next bill statement.  You need to know what your roaming fees will be for voice and data.  If traveling international, you might want to consider switching to a temporary international calling/data plan.

Traveling doesn’t have to be that complicated. Whether it’s your first time or you travel several times a year, mistakes happen that can cause headaches or even ruin a trip. The good news is that with a little planning, it’s easy to avoid some travel mistakes so you can spend your time enjoying your vacation.

Written By: Hope Thomas, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



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