Ladies, we have all done it! You can admit it… There will be no judgement.
What’s that, you ask?

There’s no need to be ashamed.
if you are a follower of EGL Fashion, then we know that you eat and breathe fashion and can find fashionable pieces, any and everywhere. Fashionable women have been successfully rocking menswear for ages. So, if you thought this trend would soon taper off… Think again!

And, to show you how strongly we feel about its presence in fashion; we gathered 5 staples you should steal from your #MCM! Thank us later, girls. But, for now, get into this incredible list we’re providing!

Yes!! From his basketball shorts to his track jacket—it all works! Workout apparel has gone from strictly gym wear to being paired with your favorite heels and dope leather jacket.

Photo credit: IG – @tolaspeakstome
Retrieved: November 17, 2017
Photo credit: IG – @browngirl_chee
Retrieved: November 17, 2017

If he doesn’t let you “borrow” his dope sweatsuits just purchase them from Tranzfit. Show him you’re not stingy and can even purchase a sweatsuit for him too!

No need to be picky at all—anything army fatigue in his closet, will do just fine! This popular pattern has become a staple in everyday fashion. Recently Nikita from Brooklyn raved about wearing his husband’s sweatpants. We think she did a dope job styling them! 

Photo credit: IG – @nikita___g
Retrieved: November 17, 2017

Owner of Trunk Show Designer Consignment Heather is nothing but perfection in her army fatigue fit. 

Photo credit: IG – @HFashionista
Retrieved: November 17, 2017

The best part about army fatigue is the quality and the cost. You can get most, if not all, apparel online or at your local Army Navy stores.

Snag his button up and hope he doesn’t notice. This is a must have piece from his closet to yours. Few things are chicer than an oversized oxford shirt with the perfect red lip and stilettos. For those casual days in the office, try rocking your MCM’s button up with oxfords shoes and a slim pant your coworkers are sure to gag over!

Our Dorian Grace and Shateria give us oxford inspo! 

Photo credit: IG – @iamdgracestyle
Retrieved: November 17, 2017

Looking for the perfect holiday gift this season? Give your hubby an amazing oxford shirt from OSK Styles. This phenomenal brand specializes in producing both comfortable and custom oxfords!

Again, we are not saying that they aren’t rocking their wardrobe correctly. But, when we rock their wardrobe, we take it to another level! Don’t feel bad about rocking his brand new t-shirt—just be sure to return it minus the makeup stains. Take his graphic tee and pair it with your favorite heels and/or sneakers and pull it all together with a matching lipstick. When he sees you in it, he’ll have no other choice but to admit who wore it better!

Photo credit: IG – @justabrooklyngyrl_
Retrieved: November 17, 2017
Photo credit: IG – @justabrooklyngyrl_
Retrieved: November 17, 2017

You can purchase unisex graphic tees with your favorite black icons from

Messy hair day? Caught in the rain? Errands before the beauty salon? EGL’s got an idea! Throw on his trucker hat! These masculine hats look super feminine when paired with a bright lipstick! Don’t believe us? 

Photo credit: IG – @HFashionista
Retrieved: November 17, 2017
Instagram: Marlo Hampton
Photo credit: IG – @marlohampton
Retrieved: November 17, 2017

Be a total bae and get your honey a custom hat from Different Type of Dope. And, don’t forget to purchase the one you like most, just in case you need to snag it for a few days, weeks, months… whenever!

And, the list goes on and on. Your options for sporting menswear are practically endless!

Just remember this: Whatever they rock, we can certainly rock better!
Let your imagination run wild when it comes to slaying your man’s gear. We only ask one thing: return it dry cleaned! LOL!

Please tag us in pictures of you remixing your man’s wardrobe at @eglshops on IG.

Written by: Crystal Stoute @_hernameiscrystal


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