Does financial trouble automatically mean the death of romance in a relationship? Maybe you guys are saving for a worthy purchase like a house, shrinking your debt, or navigating job loss and trying to figure out your next move. The good news is that your relationship doesn’t have to suffer under the burden of pinched pennies and the doldrums of dateless nights.  And while we’re not ones to count other folks’ coins, we do know that financial stressors are the cause of many failed marriages. So here are six low-to-no cost options to help you refocus on what you can enjoy in the short term as you plan for the long-term.


Bar Crawl: Get Low

Take it back to the days of “undergrad broke” and make a night of catching all the happy hour specials on the block. Set your budget before you leave the house and agree to call it a night once it’s spent. You can map out all your locations during the day and be sure to hit a prime area with a walking feature, so you don’t have to dip in your gas money. Take a blindfold adventure around the happy hour menu to add some thrill to your meal. If this option becomes a staple date night situation, you could also vlog about it and monetize the whole thing for some extra change.


Alexa, Play ‘Let’s Chill’

Remember how you used to love late-night car conversations; the ones that made you fall so deeply in love that you didn’t care about impending mosquito bites, mama’s trolling or the fact that you had volunteered your sleep schedule as a tribute? That’s worth reliving for one night. Take a drive and keep the conversation and the music smooth. Take some time to carefully curate the playlist with one another to set the mood just right.


Bonded over Benevolence

While you may think your current financial situation is dire, the truth is there is always someone looking at your bootstraps like a come-up. Taking time to volunteer together for a cause you’re both passionate about could revive your hope in your situation and humanity. While you may not associate romance with service, there is a pretty good chance that seeing your significant other serving the community or reading to babies could inspire and refocus your connection with one another. These activities are generally free and provide an immeasurable return.


Teach ‘Em A Couple Thangs

Most married couples realize that everything they know about their spouse is about equal with all the things you don’t know and will only find out once the ink dried on the marriage license. Spend some time teaching and learning something from one another. It could be how to perform CPR, make a cocktail, or something trill like how to play Spades. Expressing interest in your partner beyond the typical day-to-day rundown is a great way to capture romantic moments.


Written By: Ashley Littles

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