5 Black Women Share Their Definition of Style [VIDEO]


As you probably already know, Everything Girls Love, is, “A place where balancing career and family in stilettos is the rule and not the exception.” Well these five women embody that phrase in every way possible. Over the past couple weeks, I took some time to meet with five very different women all connected through melanin magic and a love for fashion! From catching up in the office, to meeting with some ladies after work and on break, the grind never stopped. I got a first hand look at how hard these ladies are hustling towards their dreams, yet still doing it in style!

We chat about their fashion favorites, wardrobe trade-offs, and much more. Check out my interview below!

Writer: Dani Elle Moore


  1. I feel dani did a great job, as well as the other beautiful women. Ms. Moore set the tone well because she actually showed care in the interviewer process and it seemed more so as a conversation rather than being drilled with questions. Her outfit complimented her skin tone which brought out the essences of the skin that she’s in. Speaks well and all just slides off her tongue. It all flows. She’s a natural and what she does and it doesn’t seem like a job. If I can rate her Ima give her an A, not an A+ cause there is always room to grow and no one she become complacent.


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