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The winter season is officially here and for some, makeup may seem a little less fun. Let’s face it when it’s 20 below you may not feel so inspired to put on anything more than a good moisturizer and some long lasting chapstick. Trust me, we get it, but EGL as always, is here to hold you down. We have some winter inspired looks that are sure to knock you out of your winter blues. This season is all about a fresh faced look, a natural or dark lip, and those straight full boyish brows that make us all swoon. Here’s a list of some gorgeous winter make up looks that are sure to inspire.

1. The sophisticated look: This look is pulled together by a beautiful dark berry lip. This winter you will see lots of deep bold hues like berry, blood red, and burgundy.

Insert photo: Kerri Washington GG Credit: [www.pinterest.com} N.D. 1/21/17
2. The fresh face: This look is great for daytime or evening wear. The make up looks very effortless and natural. The pink tinted lip is natural yet fun and stays true to the natural hue trend. The long lashes add a touch of glam to this fresh faced look.

Insert photo: Priyanka-chopra Credit: [www.vulture.com.com} N.D. 1/21/17
3. The fresh glam look: This look Tracee Ellis -Ross is sporting is simply gorgeous. While the look is very natural with very light eyeshadow, the red hue really pops on her complexion. This deep red lip and lashes gives it just enough glam. It’s the perfect balance of fresh face and glam.

Insert photo: Tracee Ellis ross GG Credit: [www. Marieclaire.com} N.D. 1/21/17
4. The night time look: While JLO is famous for her glowing skin, that same luminous skin is very on trend this winter season. The natural hues used for her eyeshadow really make her brown eyes pop. Dark liner is also a big trend you will see a lot of this season . Lastly, the tinted gloss pulls the entire look together and lip gloss is a big trend this season as well.

Insert photo: peoples choice awards JLO out Credit: [.com} N.D. 8/28/16 http://mulpix.com/makeup_nicolettet
Remember, fresh face, full brows, and dark hues are all on trend this season. Give these looks a try for your next outing.

By: Shannon Lockhart


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