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Photo Credit: [untitled photo of kids]. (N.D.) Retrieved February 2, 2016 from
Although it is good practice to show love and appreciation daily, Valentine’s Day is the one day reserved to bring out all the bells and whistles. Chocolates, flowers, expensive dinners are just some of the creative expressions we see on this love-filled day. Some people tend to forget that kids love celebrating and taking part in any special day, so why let them miss out on Valentine’s Day? Here are four simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s with your little sweethearts:

Make “Hearty” Meals Together.

It is no myth that kids love getting in the kitchen to get messy and creative. Here are some yummy ideas that you and your little sweetheart can create:

  • Heart-shaped cookies. Go to your local arts and crafts store and grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter and make dozens of “hearty” cookies. You can also add and use red food coloring. Red is a color that’s traditionally used on Valentine’s.
  • Breakfast anyone? Kids are so accustomed to waking up very early in the morning. Let them make heart-shaped pancakes for the family.

Exchange DIY Cards or Hand-Written Letters.

Kids love getting crafty with construction paper, glue and markers. Nothing says authenticity like a hand-written letter or card.

  • Make it a project where your child can have access to their favorite arts and crafts to pen an open appreciation letter to their loved ones. This will be a great gesture to thank their teachers for all of their hard work and dedication.
  • Many schools allow kids to exchange cards, but this will be a chance to help your child build their creativity by allowing them to make cards for their “wittle” classmates.

Decorate the House.

We celebrate our homes for special days like Halloween and Christmas, so why should Valentine’s Day be an exception?

  • The dollar store is a great place to go to get streamers, balloons, construction paper, flowers, etc. to decorate your house.
  • Use vases or jars and fill them with candies such as Hershey’s kisses, Red Hots and Sweet Tarts!

Watch Family Movies Together.

Grab the whole family and make it a movie night! Make some popcorn, a root beer float and watch movies like: “Lady in the Tramp,” “Enchanted,” “Beauty in the Beast,” and “Shrek.”

Written by: Veronica Green, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



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