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Traveling with kids. Retrieved July 22, 2016 from
Traveling with kids. Retrieved July 22, 2016 from

It’s always fun to pack up the kids and take them on little adventures, and summer is the perfect time to do this. Whether you’re road tripping or collecting passport stamps, exposing your son or daughter to a world different from what they know is great! It’s like school on wheels, but ((shhhh)) we won’t tell them! There are tons of things that your child can learn. Here we will focus on a few.

Lesson 1: Being Prepared

Give your child something to do to prep for the trip, an example would be like getting them to pack their bags and organize themselves. If you allow them to do it on their own, they will start to understand that they are taking home away with them for a little while. The things they may take for granted will stand out i.e. their toiletries, clothing, favorite books or toys. For our children, these are normalcies, because we, their parents, create their comfort. Highlight to them that for these types of trips, they have to be prepared and mindful of taking all that they need.

Lesson 2: Navigation Skills

No one gets in a car or on an airplane haphazardly. There is ALWAYS a plan. Pulling out the map and showing your child where they are going is a mini geography lesson. They will learn direction, the importance of a compass and how to measure distance. In instances of road trips, go over how many state lines you are crossing or national landmarks you will see. If you are getting on an airplane, teach them about airport processes and what to expect when flying. Learning their way around an airport and how to get to the appropriate gate is very important.

Lesson 3: It’s All About The Culture

As the saying goes “When in Rome” …… You know the rest. Whether you’re a state over or a country over, chances are you may end up in a place completely different from what you and your child are used you. What may be common in your environment may be against the law or offensive in another. Learning about different cultures and other people’s way of life gives your child several lessons. The amount of knowledge gained from being immersed in a totally different place is immeasurable. From how to greet others in foreign lands, the language, and sometimes the food and traditions, these are all things your child may encounter. Here they will learn that being adaptable and respectful of others that are different from them is pertinent.

Lesson 4: The Importance Of Family

The most important thing that your child will probably learn is not about the travel portion at all, but more so about the appreciation and respect for family. Getting outside of the home and embarking on purposely spending time away, but together, will undoubtedly strengthen the family bond. They will learn to value life and love and that family truly is everything.

Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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