This is the season of “for us by us” when it comes to purchasing any and everything. We have all heard about the magic of black buying power which EGL stands behind and lives by. A major part of this movement is being educated on black designers that may not be well known in the fashion world. We wanted to get you familiar with some black female shoe designers who may not be on your radar but should be on the forefront when you get the itch to swipe your credit card.

Tiannia Barnes

My hope is when other women wear my designs, each may recall the moment in her own life that defined her path. —Tiannia Barnes

Photo Credit: 9/1/2017

Not only are her shoes gorgeous but her story is amazing. Tiannia Barnes, owner of her shoe line, gave up her career in information technology and business project management to manifest on her dreams of creating art for our feet.  You can tell by her designs Tnnia doesn’t play it safe! Her designs are edgy yet wearable-pops of fur, fringe, pom poms and bright colors lace her site. rices range from $165-$600. Our favorite shoe from her latest line is Regin, a bold patent leather and suede pump.

Photo Credit: 9/1/2017

Aminah Abdul-Jillil

“try something different”

Photo Credit: Aminah Abdul-Jillil on 9/1/2017

Dancer turned shoe designer, Aminah Abdul-Jillil has created remarkable fantasies for our feet. Alaskan-born Abdul-Jillil  mixes luxury with simplicity and nails it. People of all colors and creeds are obsessed with her designs. Her shoes range from jeweled flats to elegant cut out pumps with extravagant bows. They are all moderately priced ranging from $165-$470. We are enamored with Aminah’s flip flops and heels and completely obsessed with her kids collection!

Photo Credit: Aminah Abdul-Jillil on 9/1/2017

Jessica Perdomo

“Our shoes define us, perhaps too much so”

Photo Credit: Bossip 9/1/2017

Jessica Perdomo, owner of J.J. Gray, is an Afro-Latina designer from Queens, New York who has worked for Ralph Lauren and Salvatore Ferragamo. Her story is nothing short of incredible. While shopping in Spain she didn’t find any shoes she liked so she walked into a shop that made custom shoes and asked the owner if she sketched something could they bring her creation to life. That is how J.J. Gray was born. The collection is full of beautiful oxford shoes and riding boots and they range from $390 to $1380.  The shoes are perfect for the fall and winter months. We absolutely love JJ Gray’s classic feel.

Photo credit: JJ Gray 9/1/2017

Stella Maze

“Let’s Walk on Water”

Stella Maze has captured our hearts, feet and pockets with her amazing array of shoes.  Growing up the daughter of a fisherman in the British Virgin Islands, Stella spent her childhood surrounded by beautiful colors of the ocean and greenery of  her home. Pieces of her childhood are evident in her collection with her bright “bleu” bottom as the signature of her heels. With prices ranging from $1,000 to $1,400 this is definitely a luxury brand. Stella was kind  enough to sit down with Everything Girls Love to answer a couple of questions for our readers.

EGL: What inspired you to be a shoe designer? Where do you gain inspiration for your shoe designs?

Maze: My love and passion for shoes. I know to sketch a little & sew. I got bored with sewing but my love for fashion & collecting shoes never died. I then decided to pursue a career in footwear. I interned and worked with top notch Italian cobblers, designers that is when we went from sketch to production.

I am inspired by people, places, food , moments . It all depends on my mood , that determines what directions I’ll go in. For example: Happy moods inspire festive, sexy, alluring shoes which equals Summer to me!

EGL: When did you start your company?

Maze: I started Stella Hues in 2014.

EGL: What shoe do you feel like every woman needs in their closet?

Maze: Every woman needs a nice pair of Black or Nude pumps in their closet, maybe even a pair of each.

EGL: Where can women find your designs?

Maze: You can find my designs at

Our goal is to push black female designers to the forefront of the fashion industry. We would love to hear from you who some of your favorite Black designers are!

Written by: Crystal Stoute @dayinthelifeofcrys



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