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Life is full of commutes, alarm clocks, hustle, bustle and a whole lot of social media trolling. Considering this, every now and then, you need to reconnect with girlfriends who remind you that you do have life, you are vivacious and yes, laughter is the best medicine. Here are four bad ass girlfriend hangout ideas to resuscitate your inner homegirl.

[Ladies laughing]. Retrieved January 21, 2015. From http://gwenmcguire.com/laughter-is-the-best-medicine/
[Ladies laughing]. Retrieved January 21, 2015. From http://gwenmcguire.com/laughter-is-the-best-medicine/
Viewing Party

You talk about your favorite shows in group texts and GroupMe, so why not dive into the “No she didn’t,” “I canNOT believe what just happened,” and “OMG!” in person? For the season finale or season opener of your favorite show, choose a spot, divvy up the food and beverage list and lights … camera … ACTION !

Who’s Got The Best?

Why not hop around town looking to see who has the best burgers, sliders, cheesecake or perhaps drinks? Pick three spots that carry the same whatchamajig, then order the same item at each one to see who ranks the highest. Changing the scenery will give you Chatty Patties something more to dish about. Mojito hunt anyone?

Ooh, I Wanna Try This!

Each of you could write a list of three things you want to do (within a one-hour drive of where you all live) and each month, alternate whose list gets picked. So, let’s say the first list includes skydiving, pole dancing and a French cuisine cooking class. Once the list is put in the group chat, everybody gets one vote on what they want to do. The activity with the highest votes wins.

Girls’ Trip

Who doesn’t gush every time they watch Sex in the City movies? Well, in part one, even after Big leaves Carrie at the altar, the girls go on the honeymoon anyway. That said, it’s never a bad time to vacay to Mexico or any other foreign soil. There are all sorts of travel sales to help soften the blow to your monthly budget. Pick a location and time frame three to six months out, and start saving now! Deal Duchess has great tips on how to travel without breaking the bank. Pack up ladies!

As you can see, girls’ night doesn’t have to be the same old, same old. It’s time to jazz things up and try something new. Here’s to creating new memories with old friends.

Written By: Carla Du Pont-Huger


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