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Sometimes we want to sit at home in our backyard during the summer months and relax. But it would be even better if our backyard had a certain ambiance to it. Here’s three ways to create the summer patio of your dreams.

Fairy Light Globe

Fairy Light Globe. retrieved June 13, 2016 from
Fairy Light Globe. retrieved June 13, 2016 from

This little light show will definitely set the mood for you and bae. All you need are these tools:

Need: 2 wire-hanging basket frames with chains removed, 4 cables/pull ties, fairy/Christmas lights, pillars

Remove chains from the baskets. Fasten the two baskets together with the cable ties to create a sphere. Cut the tails off of the cable ties. Spray entire sphere with silver paint. Wrap the fairy lights around the sphere in every different direction. The small light globes will stop the wire from slipping. Wrap until you have used all of the lights.

DIY Glow Table

Glow in the dark table. Retrieved June 13, 2016 from
Glow in the dark table. Retrieved June 13, 2016 from

You can light up anyone’s summer nights with this dope glow-in-the-dark table for your backyard parties and lounging sessions. Here’s what you’ll need:

Need: pecky cypress wood, glow in the dark powder of your choice, clear casting resin (1:1 ratio)

Take the wood and mill it to the design of your choice. Mark the board to reflect your desired length and cut it down to size. Glue planks together to create a board and use a biscuit cutter to create indents in the board. Let it dry overnight. Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove fungus rot from the board. Sand down the surface with sandpaper afterwards. Mask and prepare the board for the resin. Pour equal portions of resin and catalyst into separate cups, ensuring to fill the cups less than halfway full. Pour a portion of glow powder into either cup and mix thoroughly.Gently pour the glow resin into all wood cavities. You can use masking tape to avoid getting the glow resin in undesired areas. Let dry overnight. Remove acrylic edges and masking tape the next morning.

DIY Mason Jar Bug Repellents

DIY Mason Jar Repellent. Retrieved June 13, 2016 from
DIY Mason Jar Repellent. Retrieved June 13, 2016 from

Nobody likes pesky mosquitoes flying around our patios and killing the vibe. To keep mosquitoes and any other annoying bugs out of the fray. Here’s what you’ll need:

Need: four mason jars, 40 drops of cedarwood, lavender, lemon and thieves essential oils or any other bug repellent oil of your choice, two fresh lemons, two fresh limes, eight sprigs of rosemary, water, floating candle lights

Slice the lemons and the limes and set aside for a moment. Place two sprigs of rosemary into each jar. Fill each jar 3/4 full with water. Add the essential oils of your choice  – ten drops each per jar – and swirl slightly. Place a slice each of lemon and lime into each jar. Add more water if needed to raise the level. Place a floating tea light candle on top. Replace tea lights as needed. Discard fruit and liquid in jar after two to three days, depending on your climate; rinse jars and start fresh as needed.

Written By: Dominique Williams, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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