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For kids, one of the most challenging lessons in life is to learn acceptance. It is hard to accept the fact that life is full of yes’s, no’s, maybes, wins, losses, etc. In a typical childhood situation, kids will desire the need to play sports of all kinds. During that time, they will experience the art of working hard, teamwork, responsibility, and this is only is some of the highlights life. One of the emotions they cannot seem to shake and accept is defeat. One of the effective ways to teach this challenging lesson is to teach your child about having good sportsmanship.

Here are three effective ways to teach your child about being a good sport:

  1. You win some, you lose some. Once your child express interest in a sport, it is important to help them understand why they love the sport. Ask open-ended questions. Help them to understand that winning a game is not the core of the sport, it is the love of it. You can also expose kids to role models of the sport they are in, this will help them develop a true understanding that it is okay to lose, as long you tried your best and had a good time doing it.
  2. Practice sportsmanship with opponents. It is important to teach your kids about congratulating your opponent on a game well done. Types of congratulatory expressions can be in the form of a handshake or simple pat on the back. In organizations like the YMCA, they promote good sportsmanship by teaching the kids to acknowledge the opposing team whether it is a win or lose.
  3. Parents remember it’s just a game. As a parent, it is important to use correct behavior in front of your kids. Kids will mock your behavior. It is unsportsmanlike to act mischievous in front of kids. It is equally important to show good behavior in front of your kids so they can model your behavior.

Written by: Veronica Green, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic




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