Photo Credit: [untitled photo of friends with camera]. (N.D). Retrieved January 14, 2016 from

Photo Credit: [untitled photo of girls outside]. (N.D.) Retrieved January 14, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of girls outside]. (N.D.) Retrieved January 14, 2016 from
When you start planning your vacation for the year, there are things that you must understand and do!

  1. You can’t travel with everyone

For anything you do in life you have a set of associates or friends for everything. The friends you attend the wine festivals with may not be the same friends you want to travel with. You have to choose a group of people who blends with others and are typically positive a close-minded person would not be a good person to travel with. So choose wisely with whom you invite and which trips you accept to be a part of. You don’t want to leave home friends and come back enemies.

  1. Explore outside of the touristy stuff

This is critical when visiting other countries. Take the extra step and research how you can visit the neighborhoods and see the culture. A lot of times your taxi driver is willing to take you around and show you popular places. Read vacation forums to help you with ideas.

  1. Back up your pictures daily

This is pretty important if you love pictures. On some smart cameras you are able to send your pictures directly to your email address. If you’re using your iPhone, y there is backup capability to your iCloud. For other devices you can send them to your Dropbox, it’s free storage space that you can signup for. If you travel with your laptop you can always upload them to that device. Whichever you choose just make sure you have a way to back up your pictures.

Wherever you decide to go, and whomever you decide to go with make sure you have fun. Explore your new surroundings and make sure you take a lot of pictures.

Written by: Tamara Smith, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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