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Are your kids dying to get their very own pet? We all know how much parents dread the idea of buying their child a new animal with the fear of irresponsibility and mess looming over their heads. However, if you’re thinking about buying your child a pet here’s a list of 4 kid-friendly animals to buy your child.

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Betta Fish. Retrieved August 16 from


A fish can be a great starter pet for kids. A species to start out with is the Siamese fighting fish (Betta).  A Goldfish can be very fragile and require an elaborate set-up in their tanks but with a Betta, a large tank or filter are not needed. While beautiful to look at it’s best to keep one fish of each gender as male betta fish will fight each other to the death. The bowl will need to be cleaned regularly, and your child can go “HAM” decorating the fish tank with all types of accessories. When taken care of properly, these fish can live 10 to 12 years.

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Older Dog or Cat:

It’s tempting to get a puppy or kitten but practically speaking it’s better to get your child a much older animal from a shelter if they’re more of a cat or dog person. Older pets have better training and are more partial to children, and it will give your kid a better understanding of what is required to take care of a cat or dog. Puppies and kittens are a lot to handle a require a lot of training. Be sure to help your child understand what an animal needs when taking care of these animals in particular.

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Since their initial popularity in the 1950s, ant farms have come a long way. Ant farms used only to come in two forms: glass and plastic, but now there’s a lot more variety from ant farms containing sand, nutrient gel and even  3-D set-ups instead of flat ones. Your child would have to remove old food and debris from the ant farms to maintain its integrity plus provide them with regular feeding and fresh water. These will require parental assistance, but that would be a rather small price to pay for when it comes to these little critters.

Written by: Dominique Williams, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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