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Booking trips with friends and family is typical when planning a vacation. What about a BAECATION? Yes, how about a getaway with BAE. This vacation is about some good quality time, which are scarce, because of busy schedules with jobs and careers, unexpected emergencies, and then family woes. These are examples that make a baecation even more special when you put these places on the agenda.

  1. Get Close with History Lessons: This is not quiz time for you’re past history classes. This is the time to visit impressive historical places and gives you conversation for you and bae. You get the chance to document your history lesson and add to the milestones.
  2. Volunteer. What better way to celebrate love by giving back? There are many places that are always seeking volunteers. You both can look up and decide on a non-profit organization together that is close to your hearts, and go together to make a difference. This will be something that is rewarding and fulfilling that you both will cherish forever.
  3. Make a Vacation a Staycation. This maybe the easiest yet very sentimental one, and did I mention easy on you pockets as well. A staycation can take place at a your local hotel. It is ideal and special to cozy up with bae on those nice comfortable beds, ordering room service and binge watching your favorite shows. The great benefit in the staycation is not stressing over flights and other vacation fees. A simple way to enjoy a baecation and it is simple and memorable.

The baecation is a time to travel and experience more with your significant other. You are going to gain some new experiences along with building your relationship and making it stronger. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your baecation now.

Written by: Joyrina Hunter, Associate Editor, Modern Domestic


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