Photo Credit: [untitled photo of bill]. (N.D.). Retrieved January 19, 2016 from

Photo Credit: [untitled photo of power cords]. (N.D.). Retrieved January 19, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of power cords]. (N.D.). Retrieved January 19, 2016 from
For many people, the regular electricity bill accounts for a huge part of the household budget. In fact, the energy bill is often only surpassed by the mortgage or rent payment. It’s usually in your best interest to keep it as low as possible, conserving energy and money. The huge spikes in the electric bill can be very alarming but there are a few things you can do to keep it within a budget that is acceptable every month. Here a few tips to save money:

  1. Check to see if you can get a better contract, or make payments based on average monthly cost. Determine how much electricity you use. Also, look at the electricity bills from the last year to calculate an estimated amount of what you spend. You can also consider comparing different offers from electrical companies if you have those options in your residential area.
  1. Switch off and unplug devices when not in use. This will reserve using electricity. A suggestion to help with this is to use a power strip with a switch, that way you’ll only have to flip a switch to unplug your devices. A basic rule of thumb if you are not using it unplug it, it will make a difference. Turn off all household appliances like TV’s and computers when not being used. You can easily waste hundreds of dollars a year leaving these on when not being used.
  1. Set your thermostat wisely. Most homes have programmable thermostats and if you don’t have one, it would be well worth it to consider buying one. There is no reason to heat or cool your house when everybody is at work or school. Many homes are empty for 8 or more hours a day and there is no reason to have the house at the same temperature that you want it when you are home. Change the temperature or turn it off, it will make a difference in your bill.

Written by: Joyrina Hunter, Modern Domestic Associate Editor


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