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Picture this your kid’s room is a complete mess with toys all over the place. You have an old raggedy dresser that you are thinking about tossing. To make matters worse your baby is not a baby anymore and it’s time to get rid of the crib or toddler bed. Well before you toss out any of those items take a look at these DIY options.

Image Retrieved From: Image retrieved by: Johnakeshia Thompson on 6/16/16.
Image Retrieved From: Image retrieved by: Johnakeshia Thompson on 6/16/16.


What You Will Need:

  • Sturdy Crib with removeable drop side
  • Wooden Board
  • Black ChalkBoard Paint
  • Adhesive Hanging Hooks
  • 2 Kids Wooden Chair
  • Crayon Holder
  • Construction Paper Holder

Step 1. Remove mattress and measure board to the size of the crib mattress.

Step 2. Paint board with the black chalkboard paint.

Step 3. Adjust crib to the highest newborn setting. Place chair under to make sure it is low enough.

Step 4.Remove drop side.

Step 5. Insert board

Step 6: Place Crayons, Paper holder and any other items you would like to add to your child’s art station.

Now if you don’t have a crib but have an old dresser check out these cool DIY’s with one dresser.


What you will need:

  • Three or Four Dresser Drawers
  • Paint
  • Finisher Coat for Paint
  • Dresser Door Knobs
  • 6 or 8 Blind Shelf Support

Step 1: Remove Dresser Knobs

Step 2: Paint Dresser Drawer and Let Dry.

Step 3: Paint another coat to ensure that it doesn’t look blotchy.

Step 4: Once the paint has dried, paint a finisher coat and let dry

Step 5: Insert New Dresser Knobs

Step 6: Hang the blind shelf support on the wall in desired location.

Step 7: Repeat step six until you have each support in position to place the dresser drawer on.

Step 8: Place dresser drawer on top of the support.

Step 9: Now that your dresser shelves are in place.Place books in the dresser drawers.

Image retrieved from:;image retrieved by: johnakeshia on 6/16/16
Image retrieved from:;image retrieved by: johnakeshia on 6/16/16

How cool is that? Now you still have that old dresser but no worries check out this DIY.


What You Will Need:

  • Dresser without shelves
  • 3 Baskets
  • Paint
  • Finisher Coat
  • Labels

Step 1: Paint Dresser desired colored and let dry.

Step 2: Place another coat of paint.

Step 3: Once the dresser is dry and don’t look blotchy. Paint a finisher coat over the dresser and let dry. (Steps 1-3 is optional)

Step 4: Now that the dresser is dry; Place baskets inside as drawers.

Step 5: If you like to be organized label each basket

Step 6: Place toys inside of the basket.

Now that know what you can make from an old crib and dresser;you would probably think twice before tossing it. No more to the motto out with the old and in with the new. Embrace the old and make something new.

Written by: Johnakeshia, staff writer, Modern Domestic



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