We all can remember when we hit our teenage years and started thinking differently about life and the people around us. Julia Krueger’s new album, for(e)go, is a perfect musical depiction of that time.

Photo Retrieved [2/3/2018]. Photo Credit: Independent Music Promotions
In her debut, Julia sings about identity, love, religion, and lost relationships. An impressive writer at such a young age, Julia has a unique voice that still hasn’t even begun to truly evolve yet. Independent Music Promotions describes the project as a “searingly-honest reflection on Julia’s own search for her sense of identity and connectedness to the world around her. Weaving musical styles, and posing ageless scenarios, Julia observes her world with finesse and reports her findings without fear — binding passion, longing, distance, despair, perseverance, faith, and ultimately love into a tightly woven narrative on the often-unspoken challenges of becoming a young adult. LGBT and religious themes are discussed, as well as persevering through mental illness as a teenager.”

Every song on the project flows into one and another and builds steadily. Julia’s use of the piano sets the tone for the entire project. With slow and thought-provoking lyrics, Julia possesses a convincing sense of self-awareness with sensitivity towards the world and those around her as she navigates the life.

Track List
1. Flamethrower
2. Pavement
3. Three Days
4. Quarter Year Conflict
5. Blue Thread
6. Pavement (Acoustic)

Julia’s full project is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Written By: Chey Parker, Editor-in-Chief



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