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In what seems to be the generation of black girl magic pushing through in all its glory, 14 year-old Miss Zuriel Oduwole has been named The World’s youngest filmmaker.

It’s clear that while most kids were outside playing, little Miss Zuriel was busy doing what she loved: creating. In fact, her resume started years before most adults today got their first job. It all began when Zuriel entered a school documentary-making contest where she created a film about the Ghana revolution. According to CNN, “After this first foray into filmmaking, Oduwole was bitten by the director’s bug and quickly wanted to make more movies. She turned to the web to find the tools she needed and got involved in the entire filmmaking process.”

With four documentaries, (which are all self-edited, self-produced work that has seen in two movie chains already under her belt), Oduwole is on a mission to create art that not only shines a bright light on her community, but educates those who may not be aware of some of the information. According to sources, her last documentary, called A Promise in Africa, was focused on Nigeria but also aired in theaters across South Africa, England, Ghana and Japan.

Standing proud behind her African heritage, Zuriel makes a point to recognize her roots on every platform and all that she does. Thanks to her parents, who always taught Zuriel and her siblings to always remember where they came from, (her Nigerian father and Mauritian mother), this young lady has no problem embracing the world with African pride. “Just because we’re in America, doesn’t mean we can’t still be proudly African. That’s where our roots are from,” Zuriel says. “That’s where our heritage is from. And we should be proud of that.”

Using her young, yet powerful platform to reach the masses, 14-year-old Zuriel is making her name and mission to inspire and educate known. In August 2016, she made Forbes Africa’s ‘Most influential Women List,’ and she’s the Global Brand Ambassador for Ethiopian Airlines. Zuriel has also met several world leaders (19 Presidents and Prime Ministers to be exact). As she continues her education advocacy work through art and public speaking, Oduwole is living proof that you can make an impact at ANY age. And looking at Zuriel’s resume, saying to yourself: “you’re never too young to dream big” would be an understatement.

Written by: @allmoniquedee


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