In my communal vibe straight from the Black Panther Movie, seeing the tribe of African female warriors. The theme of womanhood has taken a whole new vibe. So, in writing this article about 10 vows that every black woman should make to herself, the need to call on my sister circle was ignited. Sisters from all walks of life and lifestyles give us great advice to take to heart from topics that run the gambit from Education to Self-Care.

  1. Education– Education is much more than just putting pen to paper. The preacher/teacher must look at the whole student and try to nurture their souls as well as their minds. Vow to Educate a young person on the positives of life. – Sister C
  2. Real Estate–  Real Estate is not an option for many, so when you can get your hands on a piece of real estate, buy it! Vow to own your real estate in any way shape or form. – Sister A
  3. Marriage– Marriage is probably the most work that one might do without earning a paycheck. The three most influential components of a successful marriage are faith, understanding, and sacrifice. Vow to put faith, understanding, and sacrifice into your marriage or relationship. – Sister B
  4. Finances– Always save at least 10% of your income and place it somewhere where you can’t touch it.  Vow to pay yourself first. —Sister L
  5. Fitness– Fitness is learning to be true to your own health and lifestyle, find something you love to do! Vow never to take your body and fitness for granted, get up and move and be grateful for health. —Sister C
  6. Motherhood– Motherhood is being a conscious parent, continually paying attention to what your child’s actual needs are. Vow to be in the present with your child and enjoy every moment of their lives. –Sister M
  7. History– History must be known not to be repeated, as we take our current luxuries for granted remember the people that gave so much for us. Vow to hold your ancestors close to your heart. —Sister H
  8. Spirituality– Spirituality is the attempt to understand and reach a higher level of consciousness. When one lives a spiritual life, they have a regarding for something bigger than themselves. Vow to put spirituality first in your life. -Sister F
  9. Beautiful Living–  Beautiful Living™. Set a clear vision for life and make self-care a priority.  Learn to look at each aspect of your life and out them in perspective, for nothing is as important as you. Vow to live your own beautiful life. – Sister K
  10. Health- Health is knowing your fitness goals and work out with the end goal in mind without getting frustrated for lack of results. Take your time! Vow to keep moving- Sister B

In the end, Vow to live a happy life while enjoying serving others and genuinely having happiness for other’s accomplishments is the perfect formula for living a spiritual fulfilling life.

By: Sabreen Shabazz-Straker @threepeatteach


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