As all ladies are preparing for their favorite holiday, it can be tricky deciding what to wear.  Some may know exactly what their beau has planned and others might be surprised. Here at Everything Girls Love, our motto is “Stay ready, so you don’t have to GET ready!”

In these social media times, we wouldn’t put it past your significant other to do something outrageously special and impressive this Valentine’s Day. If they’re smart, they’ll want to impress you and receive a pleasant reaction from you. From intimate special moments that will create memories to larger than life grand gestures, be prepared for all wear occasions. Take a look at the different style options to choose from this upcoming Valentine’s Day!



Slip into something cozy and sexy to prepare for a special night with one another. Make sure it’s something soft, like a satin robe and a short set. This will keep you comfortable if you’re eating dinner or building a fort in the living room. Disrobe when you’re ready to cuddle.



If you’re an adventurous couple, there might be an activity planned for the day or evening. With the bone-chilling temperatures making its way across the country, we want you to be cute but also sensible. Layer a sherpa or velvet long sleeve sweater on top of a thick thermal. This would pair great with a fitted maxi skirt and comfortable shoes like combat boots or your favorite sneakers. Double up on the socks if you want, it might be a few stops until the end of the scavenger hunt.



Perhaps you and your bae are sports fanatics or maybe even athletes in a past life. Or you have never played sports in your life, which would be a great reason for your boo to get close to you! (Smart move on his part!) Be ready with easy going joggers and a comfortable tee. Dress it up with your favorite bomber jacket, a purse, and your face BEAT! Pair this outfit with your favorite matching Nikes and bring a pair of heels for dinner after you’re done. Once again, stay ready!



Maybe you’re exploring your city and bar hopping to local bars and restaurants. This would be a great time to try beer and wine flights and still look the part. Put on a matching coordinate set with your favorite accessories like a fur stole and tons of jewelry. Don’t shy away from the drama, this IS Valentine’s Day! Do you, boo.



Whether it’s for Galentine’s Day (spending the holiday with your girls) or with your significant other, throw on a short, textured dress that will show off your curves. Pair it with a tiny purse and VOILA! ISSA LEWK. Simple and easy, especially for last minute plans.



Are you attending a show? Keep it classy but make it fashionable! Throw on pieces with dimensions like a full, pleated skirt and a monochromatic color scheme. Add heels that will turn heads and you’ll be prepared for the entire night!



Don’t be the woman that shows up to the concert doing the most. Still serve, but be sensible. If you wear heels, make sure they’re comfortable because you might be on your feet for the entire night. There’s nothing that makes the day worse than having feet that hurt! Are we  right, ladies?



Talk about unconventional! This one is a little tricky because you want to be cute but there’s also a chance it might get messy. Pants or jeans would be your best option. Don’t be afraid to dress it up with a pair of heels to create that arch and a blouse that will look cute under your apron.



Whether you’re sitting courtside or not, make heads turn with a relaxed outfit. Distressed jeans and a hoodie paired with a fur and heels are a go! Who said you have to keep it simple? Matter of fact, this is your simple.



Learn how to make your favorite cocktails and even new ones while looking amazing! Throw on that slinky dress, simple gold jewelry that makes your skin pop and you’re ready to go! Of course any outfit is complete with heels and a mini bag.

Let us know which outfit is your favorite! Also, tell us in the comments what your Valentine/Galentine’s Day plans are. We’d love to hear them!

Written By: Jessica Roner, Owner of The J Spot Collective





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