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Long gone are the days in which we seem to have endless amounts of energy. Most adults over the age of 25 work forty hour work weeks, commute daily, run errands and juggle family obligations. All of this while getting minimal sleep. According to the Center for Disease Control, on average Americans get six and half hours of sleep per night, while the recommended amount of sleep is seven to nine hours. The simple fix would be to get more sleep daily, eat a well-balanced diet and exercise. Unfortunately, on days this is simply not possible how do you fight fatigue and boost energy? Here are a few tips to get you going on long days.

Laugh Out Loud       
Every time you giggle, chortle, or chuckle, your brain releases endorphins. “These feel-good chemicals flood your brain — helping you feel awake and refreshed,”  according to Michael Miller, M.D., director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center, in Baltimore. “They also boost your immune system, ward off heart disease, and actually reduce your risk of depression.”

Move Your Body
Exercise helps increase your circulation, relieves muscle tension (which can wear you down physically), and causes your brain to release endorphins. That’s not all — it also helps you take in more oxygen and fires up your metabolism. While you should aim for a 30-minute workout several days a week, try for five or ten minutes anytime you need energy.

Drink Up
Surprise — the most common reason people feel tired is because they’re dehydrated. Why? The less water there is in your system, the less oxygen is circulating in your bloodstream. The cure: Drink eight glasses of water throughout the day — or chug a glass of the refreshing stuff whenever your energy lags.

Snack Smart
Noshing on a healthy mix of carbohydrates and protein can provide a prolonged boost to your blood-sugar level, giving you energy for hours. Here, Connie Diekman, R.D., director of nutrition at Washington University, in St. Louis, suggests snacks to pep you up.

  1. Half a bagel with peanut butter
  2. One cup of whole-grain cereal with skim milk and fresh fruit
  3. Half a cup of trail mix containing nuts and dried fruit

Jam On
One of the easiest ways to bust out of a slump is listening to music. The beat and rhythm of the song stimulates your brain, making you feel more alert. A bonus: bouncing to the beat — even if it’s just tapping your toes — revs up your circulation.

These helpful tips will gas up your engine on days when you seem to run on E!

Written by Candice Loren Hurst

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